If youve ever heard of the campfire legend the butterfly boy at Peppersauce Canyon in Oracle, that story is based on a real person.

April 7 marks 44 years since a Tucson family last saw their 10-year-old boy who went missing.

Randy Parscale was spending the day with his grandfather and other relatives running along a trail when he disappeared.

He would laugh, it was a very deep laugh, said Peggy Foley, Randys mom, to KGUN9 on the 35



No matter how many years pass

He loved to laugh, said Foley.

Randys mom, Peggy Foley, continues to describe her son in the same way.

He had a sense of humor, said Pamela Mettler, Randys sister.

What was supposed to be a day celebrating good grades with Randys extended family on April 7, 1979, turned into the last day family would hear that infectious laugh.

When the grandfather called them to come back because it was time to get ready to leave, two of them came back and Randy didn’t, said Foley.

Foley and her daughter remember the hundreds of people who searched for their beloved son and brother.

Everyone came from that with a lot of regret and pain and sorrow and hurt, but a search ensued immediately, said Mettler.

Law enforcement found tire marks on a dirt road and K-9 dogs found Randys scent leading them to believe it was a kidnapping.

But, nearly half a century later, his disappearance remains a mystery.

Those possibilities are very heartbreaking on what could have happened, said Foley.

Now living in Texas, Randys mother and sister said time doesnt heal but purpose does.

We all take a lot for granted in our lives and life itself, we take for granted. When you lose someone and it touches you so deeply, you really started realizing how precious life is, said Foley.

Finding the light in such a dark memory

It’s hard to tell how many lives have been saved because of our loss. You know, we had one loss, it may have saved a numerous amount of children because parents are that much more aware, said Foley.

Thats the purpose that lives on with Randys family.

Through the years, detectives have investigated multiple tips that have led nowhere.

The case remains wide open for leads and if you have any information on Randys disappearance, call 88-CRIME.