Most kids grow up playing sports like baseball, football, or soccer, but Jack Speth is not most kids.

When I was in 4th grade we came out here just because I wanted to have some fun, so I rented a kart for three sessions.” Jack said. “I really liked it, then we bought our first kart.

Two years later and Jack is running in the 17th Challenge of the Americas at the Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson.

The Challenge of the Americas is a national go kart racing series taking place in Tucson and Sonoma, California, over the course of three weekends.

Ive won a ton of local races,” Jack said. “I havent won a national race, but Im working on it, trying to get there.”

The kart Jack drives can go up to 80 miles an hour, and it doesn’t have seat belts. The G-forces Jack hits when driving keep him glued to his seat.

In one race Sunday, Jack gets rear-ended going into one of the turns.

Back at the garage, his dad Brady Speth gets to work on a now-broken part.

So this got pretty bent, Brady said. “Its supposed to be straight, and now its not.

Brady travels across the Southwest with his son to races, playing the part of dad, coach, and mechanic all at once.

I think everyone, or at least every dad, wants or would love to be a race car driver. So its fun to come out and see these kids do what we wanted to do growing up.

The goal is to try to get a quicker time on the track, but quality time spent together is the added bonus for this father-son racing team.

Its awesome,” Jack said. “We get to have bonding time. Its a lot of fun. We can be really serious, then a few minutes later just have fun.”

The 17th Challenge of the Americas wraps up in Sonoma, California, in April, which Brady and Jack plan to travel to.



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