Bisbee brothers Brian and Chris Vertrees are serving the community in a new way after many years of coaching at the local high school.

The Vertrees opened Ballpark Brewing Company at the end of April, creating a space for families to eat, drink, and see some of Bisbee High School’s greatest moments at Warren Ballpark.

The town needed something like this, said Brian’s former student and current employee, Isaiah Estrada. Im happy he and his family are the ones that brought it (to town) because there’s a really good family.

Brian and Chris were born and raised in Bisbee. They’ve served the community through teaching and coaching, but are now providing something new for the community.

I never actually pictured myself as a business owner, Brian said.

He says they came up with the idea in 2020, but the pandemic put the idea on hold. They purchased the historic building in 2022 and it took over a year to compete the renovations before their opening day.

Its definitely been an adventure, to say the least, Brian said.

He was introduced to brewing beer while in college, as an apprentice at the Old Bisbee Brewing Company. The former teacher says he didn’t think he’d turn the apprenticeship experience into a career.

“It’s just a constant learning process,” Brian said. “There’s a lot of things still to learn. And there always is.

There are currently 5 beers on the Ballpark Brewing Company’s menu. Brian says they will be adding a hard seltzer to the lineup soon, so there’s something for everyone. They are brewing about 170 gallons a week, to keep up with the demand.

I didn’t expect it to be as popular right off the bat, and then continue to be pretty steady, Brian said. I feel like theyve found a spot, a local spot, that they can come back to.”

He says the community has supported them from the start.

“That (support) makes you all that more indebted to the community that you kind of grew up in and realize how valuable those relationships are,” Brian said. It’s really something we wouldn’t have pulled off without the help of so many different people.

The ballpark-themed menu and decor pay homage to the historic Warren Ballpark, that’s just down the road; a field that holds history, events and memories for many people in Bisbee, including the brothers.

As a player and as a coach, it’s something that’s a part of you (and) that kind of sticks with you, even as you transition to the next stage in life, Brian said.

Their next stage: Growing their family business and making it a place where families want to be.

Ballpark Brewing Company, 97 Center Ave., is one of a handful of breweries that operate in Bisbee, including Electric Brewing and Old Bisbee Brewing.