In a heartwarming initiative to rescue and provide care for cats in need, Sheba’s Home, a new cat sanctuary, has emerged as a beacon of hope for stray and disabled cats. Founded by Sharon Reif and her husband just last year, Sheba’s Home is already making a significant impact in the community.

Located within the comfort of their own home, the sanctuary currently houses 32 cats, all of whom receive dedicated attention and care from the Reif family.

Reif emphasized that the sanctuary’s mission is to not only nurse cats back to health but also to socialize them, ensuring they are ready for adoption into loving homes. “Every cat deserves a loving place to call home,” Reif said.

Reid also mentioned the number of cats that are lost and roaming the streets alone. “There’s a lot of cats out there in need of a home or someone to look after them,” she said. “They still deserve to be cared for, loved, protected, and kept safe.”

As a non-profit organization, Sheba’s Home relies on the support of volunteers and donations to assist with the care of their cats. While the sanctuary is still in its early stages, Reif mentioned that no cats are currently available for adoption, as they are prioritizing their socialization and health before finding them forever homes.

Those interested in volunteering or supporting Sheba’s Home’s mission can reach out to the organization directly for more information.