Veterans across the country live their lives with daily aches and pains suffered while in service.

While some veterans take advantage of federal programs to support themselves, others let their claims slip by.

Veterans in Sahuarita recently organized their own Disabled American Veterans chapter in the area, to better serve their ever growing community of veterans.

Some guys around Sahuarita and Green Valley were talking about the fact that there’s 18,000 plus veterans down here. And there was no Disabled American Veterans chapter to help veterans, said Jeff McRoberts, Adjutant of the newly formed DAV Chapter 38.

The goal, to help file claims on behalf of veterans who need it.

Currently, Ron Bryant and his fellow veteran service officers work out of the Sahuarita Food Bank.

Bryant is the commander of Chapter 38 and he has been submitting claims for over 15 years.

His goal, to make veterans feel at home.

I tried to have it to where it’s a private room, to where veterans can feel comfortable because you deal with a lot of veterans. And they’re on edge,” said Bryant.

And even with the chapter in its infancy, Bryant says they are seeing the need within the community.

“I’m booked up for the whole month of February right now. And we just got five new service officers certified. And I’m going to start pitching things that way,” said Bryant.

And Bryant’s officers echo his statement.

This DAV, this chapter is more needed than I think the community even realizes,” said Brian Dorame, Vice Commander of Chapter 38.

The Sahuarita Food Bank is located at 17750 South La Caada Drive.