Josh Clonts has worked many jobs, ranging from construction to car washing to farming but he’s found a home at Echoing Hope Ranch, helping in any way possible.

Echoing Hope Ranch provides those with disabilities, including Autism, with resources and hands-on experiences to help them gain experiences to work in “real world.”

One of Clonts’ favorite things to do on the ranch is to work in the gardens, seeing the produce grow.

It helps us because of, if we need to grow our own things we have the experience and knowledge and stuff that we need, Clonts said.

The fruits and vegetables at the ranch are distributed to the 46 participants, the staff and the community. Ranch Manager Daniel Wichers said they harvest more than 4,000 pounds of produce a year.

We go to the farmers markets but our main priority is participants and staff,” Wichers said. “They get first dibs on what we have and then we move to the farmers markets.

Earlier this month, the Hereford nonprofit received a $12,000 grant to help with their supported employment program. The money will allow the organization to purchase stainless steel sinks and tables to help meet food distribution guidelines for food banks. Co-CEO, Chanse Frenette, said the participants of the program will work to get their food handlers certifications so the nonprofit can sell their produce to a larger audience.

Its the next big thing for us,” Frenette said. “Its the next group supported employment program. Actually living up to transitioning folks into the real world quote on quote real work environment. And then for us, meeting the needs of our residents and providing for our staff, and then feeding the community.

Echoing Hope Ranch currently serves 46 people from all over the county. Some of the participants live on the property while other choose to live off the ranch and commute to the ranch for their services. Frenette said they currently have a waitlist for people who’d like to come to the ranch.

Once the check arrives the nonprofit can purchase the equipment and create the plan for getting their food handler certification.