Motorists can expect construction along the west side of La Caada Drive, close to the Oro Valley Recreation Center, over the next approximately two months to allow for a new multi-use path.

The construction project will create a brand new multi-use path, with city officials emphasizing its goal to enhance overall safety for local residents during recreational activities.

“Anytime the town can spend our tax dollars to increase safety, Im all for it, for sure,” said Rob Curcio, who owns Zpizza, located on the same street as the future multi-use path.

“I think its wonderful. Unfortunately [there’s] too many accidents and anyway we can prevent that would be great,” Pat Gutman, a retired Oro Valley resident.

Construction began on August 14 and includes a right-lane closure on La Caada Drive that will span two months.

The new path will be located between Naranja Drive and Lambert Lane beginning at the Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center and extending south to Caada Hills Drive.

The project involves widening an approximately one-mile stretch of sidewalk, designed to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians simultaneously.

In addition to the right southbound lane being closed, the speed limit will be reduced to 25 miles per hour for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“No, it doesnt affect me because Im retired,” Gutman said when asked if it will affect her daily driving around town.

“As long as I can get from place-to-place, I dont care that much,” said Brian Stahlman, who works near the future path. “Its pretty nice for me because Im really close to the area so it doesnt bother me too badly.”

The lane closures and speed restrictions will remain in place until the completion of the construction.

Motorists will encounter signage reminding them to merge and reduce speeds while passing through the construction zone.

Weather permitting, the construction is scheduled to conclude on October 20. Drivers are encouraged to consider alternative routes if feasible, in order to mitigate potential travel delays.