Inside a nearly one-hundred building, some employees are undergoing orientation.

A mural outside, which has a fork and the wiffle ball on it, provides a clue to the nature of the business. It’s a pickleball themed restaurant called “Corbett’s,” and it’s locally owned at the historic address of 340 North Sixth Avenue.

“We always knew we were going to do a restaurant on it,” said Regan Jasper.

Jasper and Loveblock Partners have taken the site, which hasn’t been currently is use, and put three outdoor plus two indoor pickleball courts on the property.

“We didn’t know that pickleball would fit in this historic building,” said Jasper.

The idea is take advantage of pickleball’s current popularity. They are also paying homage to the site with a mural of the “Twelve Tribes Reggae Shop.”

There is a beer garden with a stage for live music, and the restaurant has a wrap around patio.

“The pickleballers will use this as a gym in the morning, play their pickleball, and in the afternoon, it will evolve into more social.”

The area around the net on a pickleball court is called the kitchen. But, the actual ktichen will feature as much local food and beverages as possible.

It’s possible the employees undergoing orientation will be joined in the future by pickleball instructors.

“There are a lot of students around here. There are a lot of little pocket neighborhoods that are going to want to come in and check this out, and we feel like we are going to attract everyone in Tucson.”

The restaurant will open on August 29th.