Across I-10 between Ina and Ruthrauff Roads, a new reconstruction project is underway. The Arizona Department of Transportation began the project in February and expects it to finish by the end of 2025. “This is the fourth time in the last decade, so we’re just going through and finding the old, outdated interchanges,” Garin Groff, a spokesperson with ADOT, said. ADOT plans to widen the interstate from three to four lanes in each direction. On and off ramps will have two lanes and the shoulder pavement will be redone. The department will also improve the road, making it a smoother ride. “There’s never a good time to restrict a freeway but the good news is that there will be three lanes of traffic during peak hours,” Groff said. Groff said the traffic will be diverted to the frontage roads. “The good news is that we are keeping three lanes of traffic during peak travel times and we will limit the lane restrictions during the overnight hours,” he said. For some Tucsonans in the area, they’re preparing to navigate the traffic and construction. Andrew Bianchi, who works at Crying Onion Cafe on Orange Grove, said his commute to work is short. “I’m just ten minutes across the freeway,” he said. “It’s not too bad to get around especially on the freeway.”He said he’s seen how construction impacted one of his dad’s businesses and hopes the construction is done quickly. “We just have to be positive in between all the negatives,” he said. “And figure out solutions to get around the construction.”For more information about the reconstruction project, click here.