A new report from Bloomberg shows thousands of peoples private information, like social security numbers, have been leaked from TUSDs cyberattack in February.

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KGUN9 has reached out to TUSD for further comment and so far, they have not provided any.

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They should be reaching out to us and telling us this has happened. These are the dangers and these are the resources that you now need to protect yourself. But instead, they’re acting like it’s not a big deal and everything’s fine, and that’s not the case, said Stacy Gosik, a TUSD parent.

The report also shows the hackers got ahold of a high schoolers medical records and information regarding why sever students were expelled.

Gosik said one of her main concerns is her or her sons identities being stolen.

Now reading this and seeing that our kid’s identities can be taken, it is very shocking, said Gosik.

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Threat analyst, Brett Callow, for the Cybersecurity Firm, EmsiSofit, said between 84 and 89 public school districts fall victim to data breaches in the U.S. every year.

Most organizations are attacked in a handful of ways. They havent patched their systems, their passwords have been compromised, they arent using multi-factor authorization where they could and should be using it, said Callow.

Callow recommends for those concerned about a data breach to visit identitytheft.gov.

“Any information that the school district has about them could potentially be in the hands of cybercriminals, said Callow.