A new dining option is coming to Tucson’s East Side. Bonchon, a restaurant specializing in Korean fried chicken, is set to open on May 29. The restaurant promises to introduce new flavors and cultural experiences to the community.

Owner Matt Quick, a Tucson native, was inspired to bring Bonchon to his hometown after experiencing Korean fried chicken for the first time. “I never had fried chicken before and it blew me away with just the quality of the food and the flavors. I knew I had to bring this to the town I grew up in,” Quick said.

Quick is excited about introducing Tucson to this new concept and supporting local vendors. “It’s cool to be bringing a new concept and our first location to the East Side,” he said. “With the produce and such, we’ll look to the local vendors.”

Beyond the food, Quick believes Bonchon will offer a cultural gateway for Tucson residents. “Food is a good intro into cultures. Through this process, I learned so much about Korea, their holidays, traditions, and how they prepare food. Its a good way to expand our worldview,” he said.

The community is invited to the grand opening on May 29 at the intersection of Tanque Verde and Pima Street to try Korean fried chicken and learn about the Korean culture.