California Gov. Gavin Newsom is introducing a new law that will allow doctors from Arizona to extend reproductive health care services within California. 

During an interview on MSNBCs Inside with Jen Psaki on Sunday, Newsom said that his state will be “providing doctors from Arizona the ability to come into California through emergency legislation well introduce with our Womens Caucus this week to address the crisis at hand.”

The news comes after the recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court to uphold a law dating back to 1864 that bans most abortions. Newsom says he hopes his legislation will go into effect on May 1 before Arizona starts enforcing their law, which could take effect no later than June 8.

According to Newsom: 160,000 women had to leave their states last year to access reproductive care, the fact that now you have AGs, like the Alabama AG, that want to incarcerate, up to five years to life, those women that are aided and abetted, not just the women but those that support the women … It’s chilling and goes well beyond just the issue of women’s reproductive care; it goes to access to contraception, voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights.

Although Newsom didn’t provide further details on the content or exact timing of the emergency legislation, a spokesperson from his office told NPR that Newsom’s administration is working with the offices of Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes before finalizing it. 

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