After just one year in business, one Nogales food truck has seen so much success theyre opening up a brick and mortar restaurant.

The Higos Coffee and Chilorios is on Patagonia Highway, T343 East Patagonia Highway, STE A.

The owners say their current location isnt enough to meet the demand.

Chef Enrique Soltero says the quick success has come from authentic recipes.

The recipes are home made recipes, they come from my bosses family from years,” Soltero said. “They love the chilorios, the birria.

The restaurant is having its opening on Morely Avenue this Friday, Nov. 3.

Soltero says his favorite part of cooking is getting to know his customers.

We have customers that come from all over the place. In the winter we get a lot from Canada, so I get to talk to all these people,” Soltero said.