Leaders in Nogales are not happy that a bill failed that would have channeled more money, people and equipment towards border and immigration issues so now theyre asking an Arizona Congressman and Arizonas Attorney General for help.

The Santa Cruz County sheriff, the chair of the County Supervisors and the Nogales Mayor gathered at the Sheriffs office to show their frustration that Congress failed to pass a bill, negotiated for months, to boost border enforcement and add immigration judges. The judges could have considered asylum claims right away instead of letting asylum seekers into the U.S. for court dates that could be years in the future.

The Republican Speaker of the House declared the bill dead on arrival after former President Trump opposed it.

Congressman Ruben Gallegos says hes pushing to get the funding through and may have an alternate way to get at least some of it.

Ive been on the Armed Service Committee now for 10 years . Ive used that process to put in anti Fentanyl and anti cartel legislation. Since that actually passes more so than some other legislation.

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is alarmed that equipment to help detect smuggled fentanyl is sitting idle because theres no money to operate it.

We asked if she can apply legal pressure to force the government to get the equipment on the job.

Im going to ask my Solicitor Generals Office to look at every legal avenue open to the Attorney General of Arizona. Right now, though, you know, it looks like this: This is Federal Money. This is equipment that the Federal Government needs to implement.

Eva came to the news conference. She only wants to use her first name. She says shes a Border Patrol wife unhappy with what she calls open border policies.

They all want to talk about a solution. We havent seen one yet. To me it looks like both sides are just, theyre dealing, they just keep dealing with politics.