Im a nomad,” Lori Wright said, as she packed up her truck and trailer before she heads to New Mexico.

Wright has made BLM land at Snyder Hill, just west of South Kinney Road, her temporary home, sleeping in her trailer equipped with solar power.

Thats where I spend all of my time,” Wright said.

While wright travels solo, shes not alone.

Its called the WIN”, the Wandering Individual Network for solo travelers,” Wright said.

Together over the last week they hiked, went out to dinner in Tucson, and even went to the Pima Air & Space Museum.

Wright said this freedom is what made her sell her Colorado home over a year ago and hit the road.

“With the stress of work, and I was close to retirement, and I had the trailer and truck, so I said what the heck,” Wright said.

Around the camp, it’s easy to spot other campers, part of the ‘WIN’ group as they have bumper stickers.

From Ontario, Canada, Peter Ietswaard is also a solo traveler.

But he does have a buddy to share the road with.

My companion is Teddy. Hes half Yorkie, half Maltise,” Ietswaard said.

On the side of Ietswaard’s RV is all the places hes been. The stickers include many from Arizona, like Organ Pipe National Monument, Tombstone, and the Pima Air & Space Museum.

He says freedom to go and roam where he pleases was also the main reason why he chose life on the road.

I was a transport driver, did a lot of traveling, but you never had time to stop anywhere.

Plus, being part of the ‘WIN’ network helps peter share the stops like this one in Tucson with others.

We help each other, just like a family,” Ietswaard said.

You can stay on BLM land free for 14 days.