One local non-profit Wheel Fun is making sure kids in school get the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike by offering bike clubs throughout the Marana Unified School District.

“We want to provide opportunities for kids to get outside, get off of devices, think about their mental health, think about exercise and give them experiences that they might not otherwise have,” Naya Persaud explained.

Gladden Farms Elementary School Principal Naya Persaud has been helping the program grow. Right now, they have 72 bikes at several different schools and plan to expand this summer.

Adam Scafede, a volunteer bike coach at Dove Mountain Elementary School says it’s amazing to see the transformation for kids learning to ride.

“That excitement, that accomplishment feeling that you really can’t just duplicate, that they finally figured it out,” Scafede shared.

The bikes cost around $600 each and are serviced for free, thanks to a partnership with Trek Bicycle Store, 7645 N. Oracle Rd. #100, in Oro Valley.

“Well, it’s fun, because you can learn…how to ride so you can go do quick ride trails…safely,” Barrett Mortenson, Dove Mountain seventh grader said.

For seventh grader Ellie Divijak, she’s learned a lot of skills to master mountain biking.

“I learned that you have to hit a curb straight on to go over it and you can’t hit at an angle or you’ll fall. And that the back brake is more useful than the forward brake,” Divijak shared. “If you use the front brake, then you’ll fall over.”

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