Ben Yankovich has been with Northwest Fire District for about 5 years.

During the summer and on the Fourth of July, he knows all too well that brush fires are more common.

Its drier out, the fire spreads a lot more faster, and its generally more windy, he said.

In order to get ready to go fight a brush fire, Yankovich wears brush pants and keeps wild land fire equipment on their trucks.

In addition, Northwest Fire is going to have more staff working and extra trucks on the Fourth of July.

Well staff an extra ambulance, all of our brush trucks and a couple of ATVs that are harder to get to with our brush trucks, he said.

However, to avoid any fires, Yankovich said its important that people light their fireworks in a safe area.

Not around brush or anything dry. Make sure everyones safe. Have a fire hose ready to go so you can put that fire out fast, he said.

When it comes to the amount of calls they get, he said they typically get more calls on holidays and sometimes on the Fourth of July they can get more. He said it can vary from year to year.

That is the biggest holiday for firework related instances, he said.

Northwest Fire will be at Maranas Star Spangled Spectacular fireworks show just in case something goes awry. Yankovich said to avoid any danger, people can go to big events like the one in Marana.

Go there, see professionals do it and itll be a really good time with your family, he said.