Northwest Fire District is gearing up for wildland season. Their stations will be training in a couple of weeks, but they want residents to know how to be prepared in the event of a wildfire.

The message is Ready, Set, Go. Scott Peru is the District Wildland Coordinator and he shared how to be ready.

We ask homeowners to have a plan in place. Its always good to have an emergency kit that will last you with food and water for 72 hours.

He said people should also have a plan for their pets. When were in that set phase where the threat is starting to get closer to your area, we ask folks to start planning on leaving, said Peru.

When the fire gets closer, its time to go.

We ask them to evacuate immediately. Remember if you voluntarily stay in your home, emergency crews or law enforcement may not be able to help you because were dealing with the wildfire itself, said Peru.

But thats only in the event of a wildfire. Prevention is the best way for homeowners to prepare for a wildfire.

What we really want them to clear are those dead grass and light flashy fuels. They can also trim up the trees off the ground and make sure to trim those grasses under their trees as well, he said.

The Northwest Fire Crew shared their respect for the wildland crews fighting recent fires.

To all the wildland crews that are out on assignment or will be out on assignment this season to just keep up the good work and know that everyone in the community and southern Arizona and all the other places theyre deployed, we really appreciate all the hard work youre doing, said Aaron Stelly, a firefighter.