Northwest Fire District is getting a new, custom truck to help take the heat off Tucson’s firefighters.

The truck replaces two older vehicles used to support and supply firefighters on the scene. This includes filling air tanks, extra lighting, built-in cleaning rooms and restrooms. 

Captain Richie Fult of Northwest Fire says it’s his district’s first vehicle of its type.

We usually park or stage it a little way away from the incident, but within distance that we can walk there, take our gear off, cool off or warm up, get some shade, replenish our air bottles, get new tools, flashlights, anything that we need, says Fult.

The new support vehicle enables firefighting teams to recharge and rest while remaining on the scene of a fire. This ultimately aims to decrease response times while keeping firefighters safe and effective.

It gives us a place to rest and kind of rehab and think about what our next move is gonna be, Fult says. So just like a fire truck comes out and helps the community, this truck comes out and helps us.

While Northwest Fire received the truck, Fult says that the vehicle still needs to be outfitted with Northwest Fire Districts branding and equipped with supplies.

Right now its completely bare,” says Fult. “We have to add computers, radios, things like that.

Fult says the district expects the new truck to be fully operational by spring. 

Northwest Fire District services around 120,000 thousand residents in the northwest Tucson metro area across 151 square miles.