The Nogales Police Department responded to a threat at Wade Carpenter Middle School on April 5 around 8:25 a.m.

According to NPD, the threat was written on a bathroom wall warning about a shooting that would take place at the school on April 5.

One student was arrested and two students who were involved in the threat were sent to juvenile authorities for further action.

No students or staff were ever in danger during this investigation.

All suspects in this case have been charged with Disruption of an Educational Institution and for making Terroristic Threats.

“We want to reemphasize that the Nogales Police Department and the Nogales Unified School District are taking a ZERO TOLLERANCE approach in these cases and will continue working together to provide a safe environment for our students,” NPD said.

Frank Galvin, WCMS Principal, took action and ordered all students and staff “shelter in place” and remain in their first-period class during the investigation.

The attacker was quickly identified and classes resumed.

Principal Galvin asks parents to talk to their children about the severe consequences of these types of threats.