Pima County Sheriff’s Department is now prohibiting neighbors from partaking in recreational activities or even walking across a major desert stretch near Avra Valley.

The new enforcement goes into effect on Monday, April 1st. Deputies say the 70-acre patch of land west of Musket Rd. and north of Moore Rd. has been used by residents for decades to go off-roading, among other activities.

According to PCSD, the owner of the land received several fines due to illegal dumping on his property, prompting him to contact law enforcement. Only those with permission from the land owner will be allowed in the area.

Those in the general public who are caught trespassing on the property could face a citation or even a misdemeanor.

PCSD Tucson Mountain District Commander Lt. Stephen Carpenter Jr. understands that this may be a big adjustment for many.

“The sudden change of people not being able to access this property is going to be a big shock… we as an agency don’t want to just slam our fists down and start writing people tickets and arresting them,” Lt. Carpenter Jr. said.

PCSD is holding a press conference on Monday, April 1st at 10 a.m. to clear up the boundary lines. In the coming weeks, the department will work to educate neighbors about the new regulations surrounding the area.