As Tucson continues to become a more pedestrian and bike-friendly city, its latest project aims to make improvements along Fifth Street and Sixth Street.

If youve ever traveled down parts of East Fifth Street, youve probably noticed how non-inclusive it can be to both pedestrians and cyclists.

The inconsistent sidewalks and lack of bicycle lanes make it a potentially dangerous road, no matter your mode of transportation.

“Safetys a big aspect, right? You don’t want anybody to get hit,” said Alec Bruno who is an employee at Fair Wheel Bikes and an avid biker.

Safety will be the top priority when the Fifth Street and Sixth Street Pedestrian and Walkability Project officially begins.

The project, which was approved by voters in 2018 under Proposition 407, is the latest of many bike and pedestrian improvements across Tucson.

“Having the ability to have alternative transportation and be able to go biking and get to places you need to go without having to worry about being at risk and stuff like that, I think is really important, especially for a city,” Bruno said.

Improvements will happen along Sixth Street from Campbell Avenue to Country Club Road and Fifth Street from Country Club Road to Alvernon Way.

A stretch of road where Fifth Street begins at Country Club Road lacks bike lanes, and the sidewalks are inconsistent.

It’s one reason Mario Lizarazu, the owner of Tucson Bicycle Service, avoids it.

“I prefer to be on the sidewalk on that stretch just [because] theres no bike lane and the roads are really rough,” he said.

Connecting sidewalks, enhanced street crossings and street lighting are just a few of the changes that will be made with the project. Improvements, Bruno said, will benefit everyone.

“You feel more comfortable driving,” he said. “And its like a little bit less stress and worry for the driver and the cyclist or pedestrian.”

The project is currently in phase one, which is gathering public input. Tucsonans will have their first chance at providing feedback during the Cyclovia Tucson event on Sunday, April 16.

The second phase involves design and construction is set to begin Summer 2024.

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