The 31st Annual Nightfall event is back at Old Tucson, promising a unique interactive experience that draws in thousands during the entire month of October.

The event officially kicked off on Friday night, featuring new haunted mazes, scare zones, a musical, and much more.

“Im actually really excited. Lived here my whole life and never been here,” said Imani Ingram who came with her daughter, Annaliese.

And if you are a fan of all things spooky, then this is the place to be for the next month.

“Im actually extremely excited,” said a Dante Santiago, a high-schooler attending for the first time.

This year’s event marks the return of Jebediah Hyde, who’s back and more powerful than ever, taking over Nightfall. However, this immersive experience means you can play a part in this spooky tale.

“Our characters will treat you like youre a character,” said Old Tucson’s marketing manager, Denise Utter. “They will interact with you like youre just regular townsfolk. And input that you give them will affect certain parts of the story.”

“Its really interesting to see that flip side of instead of being the guest, Im now the one behind the cage scaring people,” said Chesney McCall, one of the actors who attended Nightfall growing up.

With an average of more than 2,000 visitors each night, Nightfall has something for everyone, including family attractions for those who may not want to get too spooked.

Though many of Fridays attendees, were ready for it all.

“I love scary stuff. Ive been excited for the City of Vampires,” said Santiago excitedly.

“Im excited to get scared. My favorite season thus far,” shared Imani and her daughter, Annaliese.