Western productions are nothing new to Old Tucson, but with this years “Legends of the West,” Creative Director Ken Korpi says they’re telling the stories of infamous characters like Jesse James and Billy the Kid.

“By using characters we’ve never used before from history, we are able to bring a new historical element and introduce new recognizable characters into the park,” Korpi said.

That new historical element includes an original musical telling the story of Billy the Kid through a lens not often seen in history books.

“We now know he’s a little more sympathetic than most people think.”

Daniel Gilmore, who plays the character, says he has enjoyed bringing this unique twist to his role.

“He was kind of fighting a lot of injustice, a lot of crony people,” he said. “All the way up the hierarchy, going up to the governor. So its nice to play somebody whos kind of been given a raw deal throughout the history books.”

The months-long production runs until May 12th and includes something for all ages, from live entertainment to attractions and more.

“Even though were doing the same show three times a day, almost five times a week, its just those little things, interactions, nuances, and different elements that come up that I think add to the bigger picture,” said Lydia Chandler, who portrays several characters in the production.

More information on the production, dates, and tickets can be found here.