The Triple T Truck Stop, located right off Benson Highway in Tucson, has earned a seal of approval from truck drivers across the country.

The website, recently unveiled its rankings for the top 12 truck stops throughout the U.S. Triple T placed eighth on the list.

The rankings were determined through a variety of criteria, including:

Parking Convenience Quality and food service Operating hours Local or historical significance Amenities

The website also took the reviews from popular sites such as Yelp into consideration when making the rankings.

Helping push Triple T to the top Omar’s Hi-Way Chef located at the stop. The restaurant serves up classic American cuisine, with Mexican and Italian influences. From all-day breakfast to deep dish hot apple pie, Omar’s has quite the variety.

Triple T also scored additional points for the other amenities it features, such as a barber shop, tile and oil services, in addition to clean motel rooms and showers.