Drivers in Marana are dealing with long wait times off Cortaro Road where the railroad crossing sits next to the Interstate 10.

As the area continues to grow, the town is in talks with improving this interchange.

“Two trains one going each way. One going fast out of town, one going slow, into town. It’s a long way,” Marana resident Bob Blizzard said. “I like the fact that the Cortaro Farm Road has been upgraded from what it used to be years ago. It is starting to get a lot busier, and I think that a bridge over top of the railroad track would be a great addition to this road.”

During the month of November, the Town of Marana will host several public meetings to discuss funding and constructing an overpass over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and rebuilding the Cortaro Road traffic interchange at I-10.

Marana Town Meetings on Railroad Tracks/I-10 Interchange Monday, Nov. 6, 1 PM Highlands at Dove Mountain 4949 W. Heritage Club Blvd. Monday, Nov. 6, 6 PM Marana Police Community Room 11555 W. Civic Center Dr. Wednesday, Nov. 8, 6 PM Leman Academy 7720 N. Silverbell Rd.

“Well, it takes a long time to get across and get on I-10 or over to Walmart,” Walter Gilje, also living in Marana, explained. “It’s just the best thing for traffic and everything, build a bridge.”

At the meetings, they’ll discuss how the project could impact transportation and local businesses.

“A bridge does need to be built because when that train crosses, it causes a lot of back-in traffic. Like a good 10 minutes, because it backs up so much right here,” Marana resident Jackie Borrego expressed.

If you are not able to attend the meetings they’ll be recorded and shared at a later date along with a feedback form to fill-out.

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