After 14 years of serving on the Oro Valley governing board, Council Member Steve Solomon has announced he will not be seeking reelection this year.

Having witnessed significant changes in Oro Valley during his tenure, Solomon reflected on his decision, stating, “Its time to move on and let other folks become involved in the community.”

Solomon joined the Oro Valley Governing Board in 2010, appointed to fill the seat vacated by former Council Member Salette Latas.

At the time, the town was grappling with a $3 million budget deficit on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis. Reflecting on those challenges, Solomon remarked, “So what do you do? How do you keep the services that we need?”

Despite the regime at the time successfully overcoming such obstacles, Solomon learned firsthand about the complexities of local government during an unsuccessful election campaign in 2012. He highlighted the challenges faced by public servants trying to serve the community at large.

“Unfortunately theres a small, very toxic group of people in this community who not just against me but a lot of people viciously attack the character of people who decide to try to serve their community.”

Undeterred by the negativity, Solomon successfully ran for elected council member positions in 2016 and again in 2020. Throughout his time in office, he emphasized collaboration and credited those who worked alongside him for the things the town has accomplished.

As his term comes to a close, Solomon offered advice for those considering a path in local government, saying, “You have to always keep in mind the big picture: youre here to serve everybody. You need to ask yourself whats the impact on the community.”

Solomon will continue to serve until the end of his term in November. This year’s ballot will feature not only Solomon’s soon-to-be-vacant seat but also two more council members up for re-election: Dr. Harry Mo Greene II and Tim Bohen.

All three seats will be on the ballot during the July 30 primary election.

“Candidates who receive a majority of votes cast in the Primary Election shall be declared elected,” according to Oro Valley’s website. Additionally, candidates who receive the highest number of votes but less than the majority in the primary will move on to the general election in November.