The Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue (SAGRR) is seeing an increase in rescues so far in 2024.

So far this year, the group has rescued 24 dogs, up from five dogs at this time in 2023.

Since Christmas we have brought in as many dogs that we normally get in an entire six months, said Joyce Sanford, President of SAGRR.

SAGRR does not have a shelter, so all of their rescues go straight to foster families.

In June of 2023, SAGRR told KGUN9 about their need for more foster families.

But with the increase in the number of dogs, SAGRR has had to search for more foster homes recently.

We keep having some turnover there. But it’s good turnover. And young dogs are getting good homes, said Sanford.

Sanford says that all 24 dogs have found foster families. But they are being proactive to make sure they do not fall behind again.

MaryPat Straw is a volunteer at SAGRR who also fosters golden retrievers on her own time.

It’s very fulfilling when we can take a dog in and and watch it come back to life… It’s just great. I feel like we are doing something really worthwhile, says Straw.

More information on SAGRR and how to volunteer can be found on their website.