Oro Valley has experienced significant growth in the nearly 50 years since it was first incorporated as a town. Mayor Joe Winfield reflected on this growth, emphasizing that the future of Oro Valley lies in the hands of its residents.

“I get asked what my vision for the town is. I think a more important question is, what is the residents vision for our town,” Mayor Winfield said in an interview with KGUN 9.

From a modest population of around 1,800 people in 1974 to nearly 50,000 today, Oro Valley has experienced steady growth.

Winfield, now in his sixth year as mayor but a 28-year resident, acknowledges the significant changes in the town since moving there.

“When we first moved here, for example, many of our four-lane roads were just two-lane roads,” he said. “Where there were stop signs, there are now signalized intersections. Weve witnessed the construction of schools and churches.”

Winfield aimed to continue this growth when he first took office in 2018, focusing on improvements in public safety, park expansion like Naranja and incentives to drive economic growth. He identified these efforts as part of the four pillars of government: “Public safety, public works, parks and rec and land use.”

Reflecting on his tenure, he acknowledges the challenges that come with leading a town where residents actively voice their concerns.

“Its not for us to define the vision, but to gather input from the community and work towards realizing it,” he stated.

But he welcomes these challenges as opportunities to further enhance Oro Valley’s appeal, making it a desirable place to live and visit alike.