Residents of Oro Valley will soon get the chance to hear from the two finalists seeking to take over the role of town manager.

The Oro Valley Town Council worked alongside a consulting firm to both recruit and narrow down a field of over 40 applicants. The town began its search for a new town manager back in September of 2022, after the prior holder of the position Mary Jacobs stepped down. Deputy Town Manager Chris Cornelison has been serving in her place since then.

Next week, the two finalists: Jeff Wilkins and Larry Dorr, will conduct interviews with Town Council, executive staff, as well as a panel of community members. The general public will also have a chance to ask the finalists questions; that date will be announced later this week.

Taking a closer look at the two candidates remaining:

Larry Dorr:

For three years, Larry Dorr has served as Deputy Manager and Chief Financial Officer for the city of Westminster, Colorado. Before that, Dorr spent 16 years working as Director of Finance and City Treasurer for the City of Lakewood, Colorado. Dorr attended the University of Boulder Colorado, where he received his masters degree in business administration. Dorr was also enrolled at the University of California, Irvine. There, Dorr received his bachelor of arts degree in economics.

Jeff Wilkins:

Jeff Wilkins recently held the role of Director of Administration and Treasurer of Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio for five years. Prior to that, Wilkins spent over 15 years working as County Administrator of Kendall County, Illinois. Wilkins received his masters degree in public affairs from the University of Indiana, as well as a bachelor of arts degree in economics from DePaul University.