The Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene is proposing a multimillion-dollar sports complex to expand its current campus a proposal that was introduced in 2020.

However, this proposal has upset some neighbors who live near the church, as they believe such a complex could negatively impact their way of life.

“I’m devastated. Absolutely devastated,” said long-time resident Ann Young.

The proposed sports complex is part of a ten-year growth plan by the church and was first presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2020.

The project calls for 10,000 hours of annual usage, as stated on the Concordia-Buena Vista Group website.

“I live across the street to the west from the church,” said Tim Tarris, a resident who lives across from the church.

Tarris also started the group and stated that this development could impact the historical significance of the surrounding neighborhood.

“In order to preserve our neighborhood as we have it, it’s necessary for us to oppose this expansion by the church.”

Young expressed her frustration, saying, “They want to put a 70,000-square-foot building right in my backyard.”

Young moved to Oro Valley in 1964, before it was officially a town. Like many others in the area, she has concerns about noise, traffic, and light pollution.

“They want to build an athletic compound, which is wonderful, but they don’t need to put it here,” she said. “There’s tons and tons of vacant land throughout Oro Valley.”

“Our push all along has been to relocate the facility, which is probably a very good idea, to some other location that’s more suitable,” Tarris said.

During the most recent meeting in February, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted to deny the church’s rezoning request.

According to a spokesperson for the Oro Valley Council, the church is currently conducting a traffic study. Once that study is complete, the final proposal is expected to go before the council sometime this fall.

The Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene was not available for comment by the airing of this story.