Pajamas, books and blankets are small gifts making a big impact in our community.

The Angel Heart Pajama Project is a local charity, and their goal is to give these bedtime gifts to as many kids as possible for free.

They make deliveries every quarter, and will be on the road the next two weeks hitting over 80 organizations in Tucson.

One of the first stops is Southern Arizona’s Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Its such a comfort in the evening, and it helps to alleviate fears of night time,” Scott Matik said. “Especially if theres a sickness of some sort. Its such a special thing for our families to have.

Then the Angels head to Casa de los Nios, an organization that has been working with Tucson kids for 50 years.

We have a lot of partners all throughout the community that make this possible. Its a small and kind gift of pajamas and books, but its hugely impactful to our clients,” Favin Gebremariam said. “When they receive anything from our donation room, its often the first time theyre receiving anything new.

Maria Patterson is one of the Angel Heart Pajama Project founders. Her mom started the project over a decade ago.

She felt she owed a debt to the U.S., as her family was allowed to stay in America when they escaped Cuba in the 1960s.

The only way we could leave was to escape in a boat. There was 21 of us, we were packed in like sardines. And we hit a tropical storm, we didnt think we were going to make it,” Patterson said. “Then we were rescued by an American destroyer in the gulf.

The family eventually made it to Chicago, and the first thing Marias mom said she was able to get her kids in the U.S. was pajamas. This inspired her to donate pajamas to kids in need.

“It makes me emotional because I know she is manipulating things from above. The agencies, they’re so open, they’re so grateful, and that’s what I’m feeling. The gratitude surrounding that, and my mom.”