A case ongoing since 2019 has moved forward after an arraignment Friday. KGUN9 obtained records of the indictment of Jana Brianne Giron on six felony charges.

Giron was involved in a wreck and is accused as responsible for the death of Paul Garcia and Caitlin Festerling. The two young adults, 22 and 21 years old respectively, were a couple for a year before their passing in 2019.

Parents of the young couple hope the case continues to move forward with the charges after years of uncertainty. Julie Festerling, Caitlins mother, still mourns the memories she has with the two.

My daughter will never walk through that front door again. We used to have dinner every Tuesday night. She and her boyfriend always joined us for dinner. Now well never have that Tuesday night dinner again, said Festerling.

She created a nonprofit with Pauls mother to bring power to their pain. She described what shes learned throughout the case that prompted her to bring awareness to distracted driving.

So we know for a fact the driver was texting. She sent texts. She was waiting for texts to come in. We know she was going 53 miles per hour. She didnt hit the brakes, she ran right into the kids and pushed them into oncoming traffic, she said.

Eddie Garcia is Pauls father. He spoke with KGUN9 earlier today and shared his pain of losing his pride and joy.

He wouldve graduated college already. Thats the thing, you raise them since they were infants and then they come to this age and then its taken away. And it hurts a lot, said Garcia.

Both parents hope the community will learn from their loss.