A partial solar eclipse this Saturday will obscure over 80% of the sun in Southern Arizona, causing a rapid drop in solar energy production, affecting Tucson Electric Power (TEP) systems and rooftop arrays.

TEP says it has prepared for this event, which will occur on Saturday, Oct. 14 from around 8:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. by securing additional power resources to cover the expected 285-megawatt loss which powers about 90,000 homes.

As solar energy plays a crucial role in TEP’s portfolio, they say they’re working to build more battery systems for grid stability.

Its an interesting phenomenon demanding our attention now that solar energy is such an integral part of our portfolio, said Sam Rugel, Director of System Control and Reliability.

TEP says it will offset the loss with resources like the Gila River Power Station and internal combustion engines.

They’ve also rescheduled maintenance.

TEP’s Clean Energy Tracker provides real-time information on solar production.

For more information on the impact of a solar eclipse, visit TEP.