Of the 12 freshmen on the PCC Womens basketball team, theres one player who hits close to home for the Aztecs head coach.

For Todd Holthaus, coaching womens basketball isnt just about the game. Its about building a family, and one of the 12 new freshmen on this team takes that family aspect to a whole new level.

Holthaus has been coaching on the Westside at PCC for the past 17 years.

Its been better than I ever imagined,” Holthaus said.

Holthaus prides his coaching on making the team into a family.

Thats something that weve always tried to instill in the culture so to speak,” Holthaus said. “Ive always looked at it like people are entrusting their daughters to me as basketball players, but also young adults.

This season hes added 12 freshmen to the family.

Eight of them from Arizona, five from Tucson and one from his own home.

It’s so family-oriented here, not just because hes my dad but because it’s just a very family-oriented team,” Holthaus’s daughter, Annalise Holthaus said.

From dad to coach, Holthaus is joined by his daughter Annalise this season after graduating from Ironwood Ridge last year.

But for these two, when it comes to the court its just another day on the job.

She has the ability and I have the ability to separate player and daughter,” Holthaus said.

I really dont feel the difference playing for any other coach and then him,” Annalise said “When I’m on the court hes my coach. Its pretty business when were out here.

With the Aztecs 14-6 this season, they plan to take the family business up from the Westside to Glendale on Wednesday.



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