On Thursday, April 18, more than 600 students, starting or already enrolled in career or technical programs at Pima Community College, were recognized for their dedication to their studies.

They were celebrated with an NC3 Letter of Intent Signing Day. The special day was organized by the National Coalition of Certification Centers.

The event was held at the Advanced Manufacturing Building at PCC. The room was filled with hundreds of students getting ready to either sign or re-sign to PCC to further their studies in career or technical programs. Families and friends also filled the room with smiles and applause for the students.

Carly Crosby is a freshman at PCC who committed to the Cyber Defense program.

Im excited I feel like accomplished already!” said Crosby after signing.

Crosby says she reached a milestone with committing to PCC and would recommend the program to anyone who likes coding.

It felt like I had taken a huge step already in my career and even though its not like Im working yet,” Crosby said. “It makes you feel like youre already going to the next step.

Signing day is an opportunity for students and their loved ones to shine a light on their dedication to finishing their program.

Alix Gamble is a LPN nursing student at PCC who recommitted and already has a job lined up.

Ive been a CNA for 11 years and its time to make a difference in the rest of the world! Gamble said.

Gamble and her classmates are just one class away from graduating and offers some advice to future nursing students.

Patience,” said Gamble. “A lot of patience and a lot of grace just for self and for others because its one of the hardest programs and were learning that.

There were over 100 local employers in attendance, some of which are going through a workforce shortage, to recruit the next batch of students for jobs and internships!