According to the Pima County Sheriffs Department, there has been a rise in people buying their own four wheelers over the past couple of years.

PCSD said crashes they see are often because the driver is inexperienced.

In Arizona, it is legal to have an ATV on roadways, but they have to registered for on-highway use, you must be equipped with specific equipment and the driver must be insured and licensed.

Greg Taylor is the Operations Director for Tucson Adventure Rentals and says there are two important rules when operating an ATV.

The right safety gear is number one. Secondly, drive within your capabilities, said Taylor.

He requires all drivers to be at least 18-years-old and to undergo a safety orientation.

People tend to drive these vehicles way too fast and without experience of off road and the different challenges off road, you must drive a lot slower than you would on a normal road, said Taylor.

Taylor highly encourages wearing the full safety gear whenever using an ATV and to try rentals with proper safety instruction before buying your own.

They take it out and they just try to ride it as fast as they can and its out of their control and they ultimately get into an accident, said Deputy Adam Schoonover.

Similarly, Taylor said when his customers do crash, its because of speed.

Safety gear, helmets, goggles, gloves, long sleeves– those are the important things, said Taylor.