In response to federal data revealing increased health risks among first responders, the Pima County Sheriffs Department is introducing a dedicated “Wellness Section.”

According to federal data, first responders have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and the percentage of officers with depression has nearly doubled in recent years to 12%.

With Sheriff Chris Nanos’ full support, this initiative addresses eight aspects of health and aims to enhance the well-being of department employees consisting of the following:

Spiritual Intellectual Physical Environmental Financial Occupational Relationships Through the implementation of specialized training, support and other programs it is the goal of the Pima County Sheriffs Department to help the dedicated men and women who work here be the best versions of themselves.

Through prioritizing their health, the department seeks to better serve both its members and the broader Pima County community.

The department is also grateful to the Pima Heart and Vascular center for providing discounted heart testing to its members, with more opportunities available in October.