Pima County Sheriff’s Department detectives are looking for one or more vehicles involved in a collision with a pedestrian on Jan. 17.

An initial news release from the Sheriff’s Department said 35-year-old Willius Ventura ran into South Palo Verde Road, south of Irvington Road, at around 7 p.m. A subsequent release, sent Monday, Jan. 29, said Ventura fell into the street. Both releases say he was hit by one vehicle, and then possibly a second and third vehicle.

Ventura died from the injuries he received during the collision.

PCSD said the driver of the first vehicle that hit Ventura stopped. Any of the other vehicles that hit Ventura did not stop. There are no descriptions of the other vehicles or drivers.

If anyone has any information about who they might be, they are asked to call 911 or call 88CRIME.