The fate of the Pima County Jail is sitting in limbo as county leaders seek alternatives to building a new facility. On one side, the Board of Supervisors doesnt think spending $850 million on a new jail is the right move. On the other side, its something the sheriff has been lobbying for.

“Im just fearful that you kick this thing down the road and continue to kick it down the road, that jail is not going to get better,” said Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos.

In a meeting last month, the Board of Supervisors postponed the decision on whether or not to build a new county jail. This came after the Blue Ribbon Commission released its nearly 300-page report on deteriorating conditions at the detention complex.

Those findings are something Nanos believes warrants a new facility.

“I dont know if you can ever remodel this one. It is in such disrepair. They can say all they want, its not in crisis,” he said. “I can show you video today, just today, of water spraying everyone and its not raining. Its a mess and they know it’s a mess.”

Nanos said hes still hopeful about the prospect of a new jail and that any decision should be left up to voters. He also said he respects the board’s decision to seek alternatives.

While speaking with KGUN 9, District Supervisor Steve Christy said improvements to the current jail are needed but he doesnt believe it’s up to the board to decide.

During its February meeting, the board recommended a new commission to assess ways to reduce the jails population, according to a memo.

Discussion on the future of the jail is set to continue during the board’s April 2nd meeting.