Here are this week’s adoptable pets going on Jersey’s Journeys to find their forever homes! They’re all up for adoption at the Pima Animal Care Center.

– Baymax is an adult tan and gray Leonberger mix. He’s the biggest boy at PACC right now! He’s a super calm, friendly boy, who has done great around other animals and kids. He’s looking for a family who can give him lots of love and cuddles.

– Casa is an adult tan pit mix with a white chest. He’s a playful, energetic boy, who is doing really well learning commands! He sits like a champ. He’s a happy go lucky boy, and he can’t wait to be your best friend!

– A Bu Dhabi is a senior orange tabby cat, who is looking for a hospice home. He’s been through a lot medically, and he used to be a community cat, living on the streets, so now he’s looking for a home where he can live comfortably. He has renal disease that is mostly under control with medication and through his diet, but he’s not hard to take care of. He loves attention and getting ear scratches, and will come right up to you for pets.

– Misty and Eclipse are a bonded pair of cats. Eclipse is black, Misty is white, orange and black. Misty is the more social of the two, she’s very friendly and will come right up to you. Eclipse is more reserved, he’s quiet and hangs back, but will come around. They’d like to be adopted together!