It can be a rocky road driving through Pima County. Now the county is continuing a multi year push to fix miles and miles of roads, with a promise to repair more than a hundred miles of roads this fiscal year.

Vanessa Duleys still waiting for a smoother road in front of her house but Pima Countys given the rest of the neighborhood a nice smooth coat of fresh pavement.

She says, Yeah, and It’s nice to drive through the neighborhood. We can go to El Molinitos and grab a bite to eat and it’s not so bumpy.

Pima Countys been giving paving crews a workout for about five years.

The county says up to now it has dome more than 850 miles of repairs and preservation over those five years. Now Pima Countys promising to add almost 108 miles of road work this year.

You can see if your neighborhood road or other roads important to you are in this years repair lists by visiting the Pima County Road Pavement Repair page at this link.

Road conditions you judge with the seat of your pants, Pima County judges with engineering data. County pavement preservation manager Jason Boley says for neighborhood streets, the worst roads, get the first pavement.

So what that means is we’ll have any given subdivision we’ll find what we call a trigger Road, which is our worst condition road of that area. And then we rank those. And then we select, we take that trigger Road, pick the subdivision, it’s in and then keep on going down the list until we have allocated the funding for that year.

Pima County decides when bigger roads get work based on how big they are, how busy they are and whether it makes sense to do work when a roads moderately bad to avoid more expensive repairs later.

Greg is one driver who says it is great to look out and see smooth new pavement.

It takes roadwork. It takes people to do it. It looks like theyve got it down now. I know a few others that could use it.