The THRIVE in the 05 Resource Fair took place on Friday evening at Pima Community College’s downtown campus.

The community-based event provided locals with an opportunity to witness the various collaborations taking place in the Miracle Mile neighborhood.

“When you live here in this area, you kind of begin to feel a sense of belonging,” said Mike Edmonds, a resident of Miracle Mile.

Edmonds has been residing in Miracle Mile for four years and has developed an appreciation for the historic neighborhood during his time there.

“I wasn’t fully aware of the historical value of this area until I moved here,” he remarked.

He currently serves as a community liaison for the area, actively contributing to initiatives like Thrive in the ’05.

“I always see a multitude of opportunities and possibilities arising from this Thrive in the ’05 initiative,” Edmonds explained. “There are three fundamental pillars to it: crime reduction, economic and workplace development, and community engagement.”

Thrive in the ’05 was launched in 2020 through a grant supported by Tucson’s Housing and Community Development.

Tammy Trujillo, the program director for community outreach at Pima Community College, stated that the goal is to revitalize this iconic area.

“This includes installing Miracle Mile signage throughout the district to signify its historical significance,” she elaborated. “Additionally, we aim to provide affordable housing options to enable people to live successful lives. We also support local businesses to foster growth and prosperity.”

Friday’s fair offered attendees an opportunity to learn more about Miracle Mile, ongoing projects, and access resources that might be beneficial to them.

“We specifically chose this area due to its under representation,” Trujillo explained.

Despite being underrepresented, Edmonds emphasizes that his neighbors are like family, and it is through initiatives like these that he believes the quality of life will continue to improve, preserving the sense of community in Miracle Mile.

“When things occur, they know to check in with me, make sure I’m okay, and keep me informed. That’s my favorite aspect,” Edmonds expressed when asked about his favorite part of living in Miracle Mile.