One of the biggest factors for many who are thinking about attending college is often finances and the ability to afford it. When you throw in being a parent that choice can be even more difficult.

But thanks to Wednesdays donation of $110,000 from the Oro Valley Chamber Foundation, that decision could be a little less daunting.

“It feels amazing. Its going to in perpetuity help students every year,” said Pima Foundation chair Matthew Thrower.

The sizable donation establishes a brand new scholarship for students at Pima Community College.

“And it was matched with fifty percent matching from the college foundation,” Oro Valley Chamber Foundation Chair Dave Perry added.

Known as the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce Endowment, the newly formed scholarship honors two of the school’s donors Marilyn and Al Cook whose two sons also attended the school.

Lance Jones the director for philanthropy says the money will be used to award five single-parent students every year with $1,500 scholarships.

“Theres a saying that rising tides raise all ships. This is really going to help our community,” he said “The scholarship is directed for helping single moms, single parents in general. Its going to help our community thrive.”

School leaders at Pima Community College often emphasize the importance of breaking barriers such as finances for those seeking to continue their education. Its through donations like these that Thrower says makes turning a possibility into a reality.

“Being able to provide wrap-around care and support to the learner as well as scholarship money to give them access to the education, all of those things matter,” he said. “It takes all of that to bring people to the education point that they want in their life.”