Pima County Administrator Jan Lesher submitted the region’s 2024 fiscal year budget to the County Board of Supervisors on Friday, April 28.

The proposed $1.76 billion budget would mark a decrease in spending of $172 million from the current fiscal year. The key areas next year’s budget looks to tackle include infrastructure improvements and additional support for the county’s law enforcement units. The budget also seeks to make Pima County a hot spot for competitive employment.

Lesher’s budget for 2024 sets aside around $223 million in capital improvements, including $20 million for roadwork and repair, as well as $78 million for a myriad of Public Works projects, such as expanding the Loop in Marana. Additional funding within the budget would help continue construction of the new Medical Examiner’s Office and the Northwest Service Center.

When it comes to improving law enforcement within the county, funding would go towards increasing Sheriff’s Department salaries, with additional recommendations for crime reduction and prevention programs.

The budget seeks to improve the workforce within the county, by putting $5 million towards improving employment recruiting.

The Board of Supervisors will discuss the budget and next steps during the May 16 regular session. You can read more about the 2024 fiscal year budget here.



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