The Pima County Adult Detention Complex booking closed due to possible fentanyl contamination on July 18 from around 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Controlled substances were found on the person of a female inmate who was being searched by a corrections officer.

The substances were tested and were positive for xylazine and fentanyl. Xylazine, also known as tranq, is a sedative that is used on animals for veterinary procedures and is known as a substance of abuse.

The Marana Police Department had taken the inmate to the Pima County Adult Detention Complex for possession of drug paraphernalia twice and a warrant for failing to appear.

The controlled substance was found on the inmate, and charges of drug possession and promoting prison contraband were added.

Five people were exposed while the drug was being collected.

The exposures came about as a result of touching the inmate’s clothing and being close to the drugs.

Three people who were exposed were correction officers.

Everyone who was exposed received a medical clearance.

The booking area was shut down until it could be fully decontaminated.