Members of the Wrangler Ranches community southwest of Tucson have been trying to get Pima Mine Road fixed for years.

But they claim the county is not responding to their requests.

Over 50 of them gathered next to the road, saying their cars are being damaged.

You hit one of those and it feels like your car just hit a land mine,” one man said.

Dixie Ward organized the group to meet with KGUN 9, saying she has been calling the county for over four years trying to get help.

I have replaced the front end on my van twice,” Ward said.

Helmet Peak Fire Chief Kenneth Shultz joined the group, adding the bumps cause a major community safety concern.

When were trying to respond here on an emergency, we actually have to slow down,” Shultz said.

Chief Shultz says the road hasnt been repaved since the 1990s.

While the county does come out and fill potholes periodically, he says the work is ineffective.

Potholes filled by Pima County.

I consider them band aids, because as predicted if it rains tomorrow all those band aids are gonna come off,” Shultz said.

An endless cycle of patching up the problem, and not repaving it.

We are tired of it,” Ward said.

Pima County’s Department of Transportation sent the following statement about Pima Mine Road to KGUN 9:

Pima County has a pavement repair and preservation program along with a funding plan to repair and preserve all currently failed and poor maintained roadways. By 2030, Pima Countys average condition of all roads is expected to be very good with an average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 80. Pima Mine Road is not included scheduled at this time. Pima Mine Road is classified as a local road is rated in good condition (PCI ranges from a 55-57 – good). The budget for road repair this fiscal year (July 1, 2023 June 30, 2024) is $20 million with only $4.2 million allocated for local roads. Our current program is addressing local roadways rated in poor condition (34-36 PCI). As we move forward with the program, we will continue use these dollars to repave the local roads with the lowest PCI first. Although Pima Mine Road is not scheduled for road repair this fiscal year, it will be scheduled accordingly in future years based on the rating priority.

Follow this link for more details on Pima County’s pavement repair and preservation program.