On the Trump verdict, we talked to leaders of Pima Countys Republican and Democratic parties. In a country with deep political divisions, its no surprise the different parties have very different views on the verdict.

Steve Selvy is on the executive board of the Pima County Republican Party. He does not think the conviction will prevent Donald Trump from getting elected; he thinks it will make his election a lock.

I think this lit a fire under our group. In the last hour I have heard from so many people who are just fired up beyond anything Ive heard before. Theyre really fired up, almost ready to walk on coals right now for the cause. What I think this just did, it got Trump elected.

Pima County Democratic Party Chair Eric Robbins sees the conviction as a valid verdict, and not a political prosecution. He also thinks it will influence the election but pull voters away from Trump.

Here in Pima County, we’re focused on local elections and local races and our mission is to get Democrats elected. So we believe that the extremists who are here in Pima County who continue to stay, remain allied with Donald Trump are going to find that the moderates and those people who are on the fence are going to look at him in a new way and look at them in a new way. And we hope that we can get America back on track with that.

The full impact of all this is not in yet. Theres the sentencing, July 11th and the verdict of the voters in November.