Many of us are part of leagues; bowling, golf, and fantasy football leagues to name a few.

But one kind of league you may not have heard of is a pinball league.

On Tuesdays at Catalina Brewing Company, the Marana Pinball League gathers for league night during their eighth season.

I do think of myself as somewhat of a wizard,” Kevin Anderson said.

The players get grouped up and assigned to the machines.

Ben Clement, the leader of the league, is up on ‘Beatlemania’.

The spinners on this machine are fantastic,” Clement says.

He would know as Clement owns, operates, and maintains the machines for the league.

Were in our eighth season. And we meet up every week for eight weeks,” Clement said.

The players come from all different backgrounds.

Derek Jordan sells paint jobs and roof coatings for houses.

But every Tuesday he’s a pinball wizard, coming to the league night with his son to get a short break from life’s stresses.

Its an escape,” Jordan said. “You cant think of anything else when focusing on the little silver ball.

Kevin Anderson is also in the league and has played pinball his whole life.

He’s now retired from working for the National Park Service and says he is beginning to really learn the game.

Its more skill than luck, believe it or not,” Anderson said.

Anderson even recently came in fourth in a local tournament.

I was pretty proud of myself, I got a trophy. It was fun, he said.

Clement says with inflation and other rising costs, this is a great way to have a whole night of fun for only a couple of quarters.

Theres probably a lot more to it than you ever imagined,” Clement said.

There’s no skill level requirement to join and Clement says he and the other members love teaching the game to new players.

League dues are $10. You can sign up on the league’s website or show up to any league night at Catalina Brewing Company, 6918 N. Camino Martin, to join.