Some Goodyear residents woke up to an unusual sight Saturday morning.

An airplane made an emergency landing on a street near Dysart Road and Interstate 10.

Viewer photos show the plane in the middle of the street with some damage.

We come outside and all we see is the wing of the plane sticking out the end of the street, and thats when were like, oh this is something abnormal, said Pablo Rascon, a Goodyear resident. Here now, living for more than two decades, I never thought I would wake up on a Saturday morning to this.

Goodyear Fire officials say the plane had just taken off from Glendale Airport when it started experiencing mechanical problems.

The plane was going to attempt an emergency landing at Phoenix Goodyear Airport when the engine lost power.

That’s when the decision was made to put the plane down on the street where the landing took place.

They realized they were not going to be able to make it, tried to find a field nearby. Was not able to do that as well. And they landed here in the neighborhood, said Capt. Tim Rayburn with the Goodyear Fire Department.

The plane immediately reportedly started leaking fuel after the crash. The plane had struck a tree, a mailbox, and a parked vehicle before coming to rest in the street.

No one was hurt, according to Goodyear police.

The FAA will investigate what caused the crash.

This emergency landing comes just one day after a fiery plane crash on a Florida interstate left two people dead.